Why choose our Extreme Auto Spa Fundraising Program?

It’s easy... Your organization is selling a service so there are no products to order, no deliveries to schedule, and no perishables to spoil

It’s profitable... Your organization keeps 50% of all sales

Your organization makes no financial investment... We provide all sales materials

Your organization works with a reputable, local business

How does our Fundraising Program work?

1. Select a date to start your fundraising event: We will allow up to a one month selling period

2. Select the quantity of Car Wash Passes you would like to sell.  We offer our fundraisers the Ultimate Wash ($15 Value) the opportunity to sell at a discounted rate of $10/ticket.  Research has shown that the $10 price point is an agreeable and convenient price for buyers and sellers.

3. Two weeks prior to the start of your selling period, call us to schedule a time to pick up your passes, take a brief tour of the facility and sign a simple agreement.  

4. Sell, Sell, Sell

5. At the end of your selling period, collect the sales and unsold passes from each seller.  Reconcile your account and prepare to return the unsold passes and 50% of the sales made out in a check to Extreme Auto Spa.

6. On your designated return date or sooner, return the unsold passes and check to Extreme Auto Spa.

7. Congratulations, you are done.. now its time to apply those additional funds to enhance your organization!  We hope to work with you again soon!

Download our Fundraiser Application Now!!